Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hows That Working For You?

Why is it that people who know you are struggling a bit want to send you hundreds of 'putting it into perspective,' videos, feel good stories, etc.? Is it supposed to make me feel better or worse? Do they think I am wallowing and need to pull myself up by my boot straps? What is it?

Let me help everyone: I know there are people out there worse off than we are, I have a son who is homeless do you think I am blind, unfeeling and uncaring as well? I know there are children that are sick and dying and I myself lost a child who was 18 months old many years ago, do you think I am ignorant of these facts?

There are people starving in third world countries....okay and that is supposed to make me feel better about the children that are starving right here in the United States how?

I lost my job a few weeks ago, I posted about it, I may have whined a bit, but trust me, I am not sitting around in self pity, if I was, I wouldn't have one quilt almost finished and another cut out for homeless people in my area to stay warm instead of freezing to death.

There are people who attend and stop by our church asking for food and clothing...I gave my last $15 on Sunday to help meet their needs, am I complaining? No! Because that money can be stretched out to help more than one person.

I am on a small prayer team and have been for many years, my list of prayer requests for people has not stopped growing, it has increased, so I realize there are other people out there struggling. I do look around and open my eyes and see people worse off than I am and that is why I have literally given the coat off my back to someone in need....I had 2 and can only wear 1 at a time.

I have albums full of pictures, cards and quilts that I have made and given to those in need. I have been blessed to have people help me with fabrics, thread, mailing costs, etc. to get these quilts out from Virginia Tech Tragedy to earthquake victims in Japan, I work hard to reach out to others in need.

Why do you think I want your garbage? I had a woman call me the other day and offer me fabric and when I went to look at it, it was nasty, dirty, smelly and had mold on it. I told her it wasn't what I was looking for and perhaps it needed to be disposed of. Lets just say she wasn't happy with me and thought I was extremely selfish and rude.

Was I? I am a quilter, not your garbage chick! Offering me that is like offering a homeless person your hamburger after you have taken a few bites of it. Oh, the dude must not be to hungry he refused my half eaten hamburger that I slobbered all over. Really?? You really think it is okay to offer someone food that has been eaten on? G R O S S!!

I am not exaggerating! I assisted at our local soup kitchen that feeds homeless youth and I watched as the cook stood by a boiling pot of macaroni using a strainer to scoop out maggots. Why? Because people donate their old food to the kitchen and they don't want it to go to waste. I had to turn away, I was crying and gagging to think this is how we think today.

Oh, you don't want my trash? Then you must not really be hurting? What happened to compassion, caring and helping someone out? I am not saying bring these people to your house, buy them alcohol, hand them money, but does it hurt to hand the bell ringer a cup of hot chocolate on a cold wet day? Does it hurt for your child to have a birthday party and in lieu of gifts ask for pet food for the local animal shelter?

If we can't and won't use food in our pantry because it is bad, why would we even think the soup kitchen could use it? Have you ever thought to randomly pick up a few coats, hats, outfits in various sizes and drop off at a local school and tell them, I know there are children that could use these?

All I am saying is when someone is hurting and depressed or going through major life changing issues, send them a hug, tell them you are praying for them, love on them, send them a card to let them know you are thinking of them, but don't send them something showing them others are worse off....they know it and many times behind the pain they are feeling, they are actually reaching out to help others.

Are You?

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