Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fat Quarters

As everyone is rushing busy around for dinner tomorrow and shopping on Black Friday, I thought I would share this smile with you.

My husband is not a fan of my quilting...well, maybe the stacks I have around is more aptly put, however, today he came home and told me, I saw a license plate frame you might want to post about on your blog.
Okay, I thought a bit curious because he doesn't much like blogging or understand it either.

I told him, I would bite, what was it. 'Fat Quarters Are Not A Bodypart.' I was shocked and a bit amused when I asked what would he know about Fat Quarters....he laughed and said, 'All I know is they are something you cut up for your quilts.' Oh man and all these years I thought he never paid attention. I hugged him so tight!

He didn't stop there or skip a beat, he said, 'speaking of fat quarters, our local town hooker (not talking rugs here) has put on some acreage or at least a hind quarter of her own.' Now, that was funny!

Happiest Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Pokey said...

That is funny!! How blessed we are, keep counting those blessings ~ Happy Thanksgiving!