Saturday, November 19, 2011

Koffee Klatch Friday 7 Things I am Thankful For

As usual I am late with my Friday post and thankful to Vicky who allows no rule to be totally adhered to. You can follow or join this group at:

So, we had to take 7 pics or post 7 things we are thankful for:

#1- Living in the state of Washington on the coast and the beauty that surrounds me and while there is lots of rain, if you look for the sun, it is also easy to see.

#2- My wonderful grandchildren and their awesome friends. This past summer our home was filled with laughter, music and running and lots of popsicles. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of 3 or 4 young children playing on our old piano and actually playing great tunes!

These are 2 of their friends that live in Missouri and came out to visit their aunt and uncle during the summer. It was so nice for our little man to actually have a 'guy' friend his age as opposed to hanging around the girls all summer!

#3- Having more than one pair of tennis shoes in my closet and while this may sound like a given to many of my female readers, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy in my feet, having more than one pair of tennis shoes is important as some days I change shoes 2-4 times due to my painful feet!

#4 - My grandchildrens art work and this particular picture is up for sale. At least a copy of it is and it will be framed!

I am sure I have more, but I am so exhausted right now, I cannot find them on my computer, but these are a beginning!

#5- I am thankful for my husband Jerry who has carried himself with love and dignity in spite of our trials and who made me feel I was okay when I lost my job. Instead of being upset or irritated, he told me it was okay, we would get through this.

#6- My best friend John for whom without him, I wouldn't have been able to accept the job offer. He also kept me grounded, made sure I stopped shaking my leg when I was upset, kept me distracted when he could, gave me a safe place to stay and kept groceries on the table.

#7-For living in the United States in spite of our problems, we are and will overcome.


Anonymous said...

Following back. Appreciate it.
Ohio Outdoors

ChrisJ said...

Interesting. I am also a believer, and I also have fibromyalgia and neuropathy in my feet and legs. I don't think I have shared that with you before. If so, sorry for the repetition. I didn't realize changing shoes helps. Blessings.