Monday, November 28, 2011

Unemployment Confusion

I was laid off on November 9th and decided to spend a few days where I was staying to apply for jobs even ones with WalMart, Target and Macy's and never got a call. Appled as an administrative assistant for a local newspaper, never got a call and decided my family would be best served with me home.

I did not immediately apply for unemployment. Matter of fact, I waited until the 19th and applied. But boy, do they make it confusing. First of all since I was technically terminated, I had to put that down and then wait for the paperwork to clarify why I was terminated and send it back. Now I am waiting for a determination on whether I qualify because I was terminated due to a disability of not.

Even so, I still have to do my weekly claims. So, on Weds. my last paycheck came in and since I have to put any monies I receive down when I file weekly, I wrote it in yesterday. It is not self-employment pay, union pay, vacation pay or pay in lieu of termination, it was wages earned. So, I put the amount my check was for and hit enter.

Now, I have to call them back and let them know I put the wrong amount down, because they do not want your net pay, they want your gross pay and this will probably prevent me from receiving unemployment for the week and half I was unemployed through last week and maybe into next week or the week after.

I don't know how they calculate unemployment, but I know this is the second week I have had to call them to figure it out. You would think with a Master's degree I could complete unemployment benefit information without messing them up, but it is the way questions are asked.

Why don't they just come out and ask if you are expecting a last paycheck? Nooooooooooo, they want to know if you are receiving union benefits, vacation pay or pay in lieu of termination. Not once do they ask if you are owed or are expecting a final pay check.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo confused. Last week the sweet person on the phone attempted to tell me I still had an issue from my earlier unemployment claim which was closed out by an unemployment judge and found to be in my favor. She argued it wasn't and I let it go, I have the paperwork from the judge herself proving it was, so I am not to worried.

I know there are probably many who cheat the system, but I don't. I use it to help out with things we need not wants, but needs and seriously look for work within a distance of an hour drives time from home. All I am asking if they want gross pay, list gross pay, don't hide it in a 30 page booklet I was sent.

Maybe next week, I can actually do this without messing it up. Have a blessed day everyone!


Nannette Gilbert said...

I sympathize with you. The first time that we filed unemployment for my husband, we screwed it up so bad he never actually got any money.

Now that we are on the third time, it's gotten a bit easier. However, they do not word questions straight forward at all.

Good luck to you.

Catskill Quilter said...

My hubbie has been unemployed since June 30th, and we figure by now he has applied for well over 200 jobs, without so much as an email back. Florida decided in September to stop allowing people to call in with questions about unemployment -- cannot imagine how hard that will be, since it is often confusing! Hang in there! I am sending you Good Thoughts...

Quiltingranny said...

I reached a very nice person today who told me I made that money prior to being laid off, so I didn't have to report it and she corrected it for me. Wishing everyone the best in this economy!