Friday, December 30, 2011

Arsenic In Apple Juice, I Now Believe

What does this innocent looking can of Safeway Apple Juice have to do with Arsenic and Dr. Oz? If you do not remember what Dr. Oz revealed about apple juice, follow this link:

I purchased a can today for my granddaughter and when I got home I read the bottom of the can which shows where the juice originates from.... I was shocked and I mean seriously shocked, especially given the fact I live in Washington state were apples are the main food grown on the eastern side of the state.

I am sure this might not surprise some of you, but I think it will astonish most of you...Safeway Apple Juice concentrate doesn't come from Washington state or any other state in the United States that is a huge apple grower.

No, my dear readers, this Apple Juice comes from...

que the eery scary music:

No, this picture has not been photo shopped, it is really from China. I couldn't believe it. We want to know how to help our economy? Stop buying everything we use from China and now things we eat and drink.

My dishwashing detergent is made in the United States, but my apple juice comes from China.

I will not purchase another can of Safeway or any other companies concentrate from China but opt instead to make only fresh apple juice from apples grown where I live, if not from Washington at least the United States.

Something is wrong with us when we discover how China uses children labor, dumps lead and other poisons into our childrens toys, crayons, etc. until they are caught and yet we trust them to not be poisoning our food?

Not me, I am doing my best to not purchase from China!


Robin said...

It is getting harder and harder to buy USA, but there are products out there AND if more people buy them, US manufacturing will increase. Talk about stimulating the economy!!! And not killing ourselves in the process....

Vicki said...

This has nothing to do with apple juice, but I know you will read it.

After redoing my blog, I had a thought. You should be able to go to your design page and go to the "Add a gadget" areas and find what you need for your blog button.
Just click on "edit" and read what is there to find it.
Hope this helps.

Love Of Quilts said...


Quiltingranny said...

Vicki I am checking out your suggeston and Trish, we just need to keep looking or turn to the old toys we can still find around!

autumnesf said...

Ok - I have to say it. You are saying "China" like racial people say "all black people". China is not violating the products, individual companies that are breaking the law are. They have corrupt factories just like we do. They have companies that use unsafe ingredients just like we do. Now, I still totally agree with buying American - but not with slamming an entire country for the criminal acts of a few ( and yes even one is too many).

Quiltingranny said...

Autumn once again I didn't mean to sound any particular way and I am not now nor have I ever been racist. But I stand by my comments that China does use child labor, they are communistic and controlling over their people. The Chinese government controls every the factories so in essence they are as corrupt as the companies. I understand what you are saying, but please know I still feel very strongly about importing everything from a country that treats its people like they are less than human. My apologies if I offended anyone. Still it is my belief that until we stop buying interior Chinese products and let the companies that are doing buiness in China know we are not buying from them until they change our economy will continue to tank!