Friday, December 30, 2011

Bible Study Blog Hop

As you can check out on the sidebar, I am preparing for a blog hop. However, I have to wait until my next payday to pay for my yearly McLinky subscription and that will give me time to figure out the glitch in my bloghop button and why I can't get it to link back. Any help here would be appreciated.

This is going to be open to all denominations and nationalities. The hope is for us to encourage daily bible reading and to help each other discover how good God is and give us some amunition to fight the enemy. It is to teach others what we have learned and reach out and encourage each other new and old Christians alike.

What it isn't will be a forum for you to blast other peoples faith, religion or opinions and if you begin to rant and rave and put others down or personally attack anyone elses opinion, your comment will be removed.

I have found in my own walk with God, there are very few women who want to be mentors and I have had to learn on my own, how great to have others willing to hop along and teach us what you have learned.

I will let you know as soon as I get the button working and the McLinky handled.

There will be montly giveaways (Bookmarks, devotionals, highlighters, etc.) all you will need to do is join, follow this blog and those you wish to follow and leave a comment telling us what and how you have learned to study your Bible during the week.

What a blessing to bless others and show the power of Jesus no matter where we all live!


Vicki said...

Simply Linked ~ the link that I use for Coffee Klatch Friday is free.

Wendy B said...

What a great idea, Jean.....I'm in and will link up when Mr linky becomes live!
Happy happy new year....
XXX love n hugs
Wendy :O) xxx