Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be Kind To All

My pastor has been preaching on giving and forgiving the past few weeks and yesterday it all came full circle as I witnessed the most agonizing scene this Christmas season. Now,I am not saying I am perfect and those who know me know I can get on my high horse of judging just as much as anyone, but awhile back we had an amazing encounter retreat and I have tried to change.

Judging someone else or their circumstances is judging and God tells us He will dole out our judgement they way we do to others and frankly, over the years I really don't want it coming back to me. Can I get an Amen?

When we judge as anyone knows, we are being critical and condemning or sentencing a person to our form of judgement and we really deep down are hoping something bad happens to them because after all, don't we think we are better than that person is? Isn't that what judging is, saying oh year, un huh I am above you, better than you and I am so superior I don't think you should breathe the air I breathe? Well maybe it is harsh, but I have heard people say someone is a true waste of skin.

I am not working, have no unemployment coming in, no job lined up or interview lined up & what we have for groceries and bills for this month right now is it. Papa can only work so much overtime and doing his best to keep a roof over our head!

I am pumping gas yesterday and a young man approaches me from his vehicle an older truck. He tells me he drove out to Ocean Shores for a job (maybe he did and maybe he didn't, not my call) and it didn't work out, he needs to get home and is broke, do I have some change. He didn't ask for $1 or $5 or $10. While he is asking the young lady in his vehicle is checking for change.
She was very clean and neat neither had meth bumps, rotting teeth, etc.

I told him I had no extra money and I don't or didn't until God stepped in. I am pumping gas and notice his truck has current tags on it, his shoes weren't new, his clothes were clean and he was respectful.

The lady in the brand new Ford Super Duty 4 door truck doesn't just tell him know, she begins berating him, telling him to get a job (he says that is why he is where he is now, he went to look and it didn't pan out) she goes on and on before she turns away from him and begins shouting to someone inside the truck...'this scum is the reason my insurance rates are so high, he can't afford gas, I know he doesn't have f'ing insurance, low life Piece of s*&^.

Now, I don't know what was being said from inside or who was saying it, but she turned on them, if you don't like it, get out and walk, on and on. This young man just sat in his truck and never said a word back...that told me a lot.

I finish pumping my gas, get in my car and you guessed it, God said, I know you have $5 show both of them what compassion is. I grabbed my $5 got out and approached the drivers side of the door, excuse me I said...the lady next door is climbing in her car and watching me.

I handed him the $5, I don't know you, don't know what your circumstances are, but I know you don't deserve what she just did. I just lost my job, the 2nd one of this year and I know that I really don't have any extra money to give, but I also know someday I could be the one sitting here and I would hope someone would have compassion towards me.

They both said thank you and I watched him walk into the store and come out and begin pumping gas into this truck, I waved good-bye.

My husband who knows our struggles was not happy with me, he said I was feeling guilty because of the other person. No, I don't believe I was because if that was the case, I would have just driven off. I felt this young couple needed compassion at that moment, that they need to know God was the provider, not me.

If we are quiet and listen, He will speak to our hearts! What is He telling you today?

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