Monday, December 5, 2011

Cabinet Refreshing

Up front and truth be told here, I am NOT receiving any type of compensation from Dutch Boy or anyone else for talking about this product. I have never used this product, but will be soon. However, to those of you that own old dusty and musty homes, I want you to know this might be of some help.

My home was built in 1926 and it has a funky smell to it. We have tried everything from ripping all the old bushes and Ivy out around it, to using electric smellies, Glade solids, opening the windows, etc. NOTHING works, it smells.

It isn't an offensive stinky smell, but it is a smell none the less and I can't stand it. I once asked a contractor what it was and he told me all the old homes in this area smell that way. He said it is just the old materials they used breaking down and probably years and years of cooking locked into the walls, old lead paint and dead bugs. Eeeewwww!!

Well, I posted I wanted some ideas for the cabinet in my kitchen, colors would be great! Someone wrote and told me about this product and you can bet, I am going to try it out.

I figured I would first scrub the inside of the cabinet with Mr. Clean or Spic and Span, then I will prime it and then paint and leave the cabinet open until it dries.

It doesn't say it eliminates odors altogether, but it reduces odors. When it is done, I am removing the old doors and they are going outside and I am removing the old paint. Yes, I know it is a nasty, stinky difficult job, but I want to see what it underneath all those years of layers. If I dont' like it, I will repaint over it.

Here is what the doors look like now and the interior of the said stinky cabinet. I have discovered through pinterest that I can take the old hinges off, place them in a crock pot of hot soapy water and let them sit and it should soften the layers of paint enough that I can take them off and see what is underneath.

If it doesn't work, I can actually purchase the exact hinges thru Rejuvenation, some glass knobs with a backplate and either chicken wire or cabinet wire behind the glass .

Similar to this picture I located on pinterest. Now that I have been able to really look at just using chicken wire, I think it is pretty nifty or maybe I will just take the doors down to my local glass shop and see what type of specialty glass they can put in.

I may even have hubby take out the old wooden shelves and put new laminate in to see if that helps keep the odor down.

Shoot me any ideas, I would love to hear from you!

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