Monday, December 5, 2011

Having Blog Issues, Give Google A FB Blast

After leaving several comments in blogger's dead help area, I have become frustrated over their lack of caring about those of us who blog with them. Try getting any help, it is the biggest joke around. They send you to an area that has problems from other bloggers but rarely if anytime is there someone for Google to let us know what is being done to change or fix the issue and NEVER can you leave a message that can actually get you some answers.

Over the week-end, I twittere about the issue I and others are having with not being able to manage our blogs or following. We constantly get an error that reads bX-c9rh3l. Anyone else besides the 14 of us that have complained having issues right now with this?

So, I twittered over the week-end on Google Apps and Google and received not one response back.

So today, I went to facebook and left 2 messages on their FB page and we will see if they respond.

If you are having similar issues and becoming frustrated like I am that Google doesn' t seem to care, I highly recommend you head over to their FB page and leave them a post.

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