Thursday, December 15, 2011

Binding The King Today & The Best Hot Chocolate Ever

So, I am beginning the tedious process of binding the king quilt today. Yesterday, I cut the binding strips, 360 inches of binding strips all 2 inches in width. Today, I will miter the corners, fold the binding and iron it and being the slow process of attaching the binding to the quilt on one side before I begin the folding and hand sewing.

In the midst of a fibro flare, this process will take about a week or so. Do I hear anyone shouting, oh...oh...pick me to help....I want to help! HaHa.

I have to share my oldest grands latest kitchen idea. She made hot chocolate yesterday and they were in the midst of after school snacks, when she took a spoon of peanut butter and added to the cup of steaming hot chocolate.

I took a sip and it was like sipping on a liquid peanut butter cup, silky smooth and wonderful!

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