Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Being Black Balled

Have you ever been black balled from getting a job? No, I mean it, seriously! I am not joking as I don't think it is funny, have you ever been black balled? I once was, I gave a two weeks notice, had no contract and left a job in the middle of an outage. The wonderful project manager called me into an office away from everyone as in no one knew where I was & they began looking for me....held me against my will for over an hour telling me how he would ruin me, I would never work again in the business I was in, never be back to the place I was at.

Why did I leave? Because my mother-in-law had passed on and my boys were having lots of problems dealing with her death since she had taken so much care of them growing up. I gave a two week notice, I was really nice about it.

When my husband and others learned about this (they knew I was missing, security was looking for me), they told me to contact the management over not only the supervisor but the company we were assigned to. I did and soon I was in meeting after meeting with people who were very concerned about my treatment.

It was many years ago, I remember the fear walking into the bosses office a month later having to talk to the owner of the company and tell him what happened (alone, no support, no attorney), he listened. He was shocked and when the boss kept interrupting the owner told him to hush. In the end, I won and returned back to work the following year and for several years after.

But that sinking feeling that I had failed or dishonored my family (they were all company people), was horrible.

I feel our local hospital has black balled me. Since living here, I have applied over and over again for jobs and was given an interview one time only. When we first moved here, I heard horror stories about our hospital, but I have never seen it that way. I have always found the nurses, doctors and administrators to be awesome and caring.

I know I only received the one interview because I knew the CEO of the hospital and after talking to him about the numerous applications and resumes I had put in, I believe he pulled rank. Then shortly after the interview, he left the area. Sadly, he did so much to make people believe in the hospital again and he left a huge hole.

Several weeks ago I applied for another position in Human Resources and today I called Human Resources to ask if they were still looking to fill the position and if they received my resume. Yes, they have it, but they haven't made an decisions on interviewing and she was sorry she didn't have an answer for me.

I won't get a call. I have applied for jobs in all areas from PBX operator to floor clerk and nothing! I am sure they have me black balled because when I didn't have a job a few years back and had no money to pay my bill, I sent them a copy of my resume each month and asked them to put me to work at least until I paid off my debt.

If they had given me a job as a housekeeper for 5 days, my bill would have been paid in full and I would have had some extra money in my pocket. I think in some way that upset them. I have worked the medical field, nuclear power, law enforcement, administration and I believe they run scared from anyone that may be more educated that they are.

Today, I had to sit through an excruciating meeting on how to look for work. She was rude to the older workers asking questions, she just as usual followed the boring points in a flyer, showed us a video and said goodbye.

Good Gosh! Does anyone understand why I am so frustrated?

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