Thursday, December 22, 2011

Faith Is Believing

Everday is a day filled with Faith and looking around to see God's blessings. Hubby and I were up at 0430 trying to wake up for a 2 hour trip to the hospital. This adorable smiling little girl had to have her tonsils outand she said she knew it would be okay because people were praying for her. She took with her the quilt I made her 6 years ago, my moms nightgown she wears, her Papa and a gift from her 2 siblings.

We woke her up at 0445 so she could have her last sips of clear fluids and got in the car at 0515 and it was icy, cold and foggy. We drove by faith knowing we would make it safely.

I wasn't to sure though with hubby and I short on coffee our tempers were short and when the Yahoo map didn't give us all the directions, hubby got upset with me, I tried to tell him I was giving him what I had but that didn't work, he pulled over in Tacoma and looked himself...they put in a huge piece but when driving that piece is not anywhere to be found!

Luckily he had been to Tacoma earlier so kind of knew where to head. We arrived in plenty of time. Smiling away, ignoring the cold, the childrens hospital has bronze faces imbedded into the building along the walkway with plaques so she was happy she was learning something as we walked.

We were checked in and within minutes in her room, they got her dressed, asked her what she was there for, it was all so amazing! Then came the pre-op meds and I was shocked they didn't work, but when they did oh was she funny! Her surgery took 15 minutes, her surgeon said they came out without a hitch and go eat be back in 45 minutes.

We came back and you could hear little ones crying from surgery, others were combative. Not this one, they nurses said she was amazing, smiling, giving them thumbs up and trying to talk! They gave her a popsicle and then her and Papa slept about 45 minutes. She cried to go home, then cried when her pain level jumped, but she has been amazing. Motrin and Tylenol keep her pain levels down, she is eating (this morning it was oatmeal) and sitting up and feeling great.
People were praying for her and she knows it and she is an amazing believer in the Lord so she tells me it hurts like you said it would but not to bad because God is taking care of me.

A bit of a scare this morning when she couldn't breathe, but some sips of water and she was fine (she had slept all night without incident and I think her throat dried out)!

Left the hospital right in the middle of rush hour and hubby didn't know how to find the freeway, I told him to head towards the water and it will be found...once on the freeway, it was bumper to bumper, but we arrived home safely only to find our neighbor blocking the bottom of the drive.

When hubby asked them if they could move the blocking vehicle the boyfriend got an attitude. Look, hubs said, I have a little one who just had surgery, you are not the homeowner and we never park at the bottom of the drive and block it. I keep praying God will give us the money for a survey, then we can pull down our bulkhead and put a fence down the middle of the driveway on our property line and they can have the 4 feet that is left. Oh, but that isn't Christian is it?

It is Christmas, the time of the year when everyone is supposed to have faith. This year our local Denny's turned private diner, shut down. The owner, purchased 5 others and bankrupted them as well and then told the employees they would not be paid because they were thieving liars and robbed him blind. Hmmm, did they also cause him to be in debt to the IRS for over 3 mil, not make his house payments or car payments and then tell the paper, they don't understand business?

This man does not understand the power of faith and the American public and employees he cheated (he is not an American and made that known to everyone how much better the people in his native country are). Well, two regulars at the diner began taken up money for these people because they are owed 5 weeks back pay...since Monday, they have raised over $17,000.

Faith, we can't see it, physically touch or taste it, but if we believe and have faith it can change our lives. You may not believe in Santa Claus but hold tight to the faith of that little girl Virginia who wrote that letter so long ago and remember faith is not in what is seen, but it is the belief in what we don't see that we believe can come true.

Merry Christmas my faithful followers, never give up the faith!

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