Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Two of the best Christmas Traditions our family celebrates each year is taking the children to the annual Angel Tree party for children of prisoners sponsored by one of our local churches and getting see their eyes light up when they read the note on their gifts their dad has requested they recieve. This year was amazing!

First of all, I got to volunteer to help out and that made me feel great and that I was giving back to this wonderful organization that helps so many prisoners make some small contact with their children and make them feel special. You see, Christmas is about the children in spite of what people think about their parents and I say Shame on You if you think it isn't!

Look at the smiles on these precious childrens faces and tell me they don't believe in Santa! They know this is a magical time of year when the receive something from their dad and they truly don't care what it is, it is the fact he loves them enough to care this much! We decided this year to take a family photo as the oldest really wasn't feeling the need to sit on Santas lap. They had so much fun helping with all the kids that came to the party!

Our other tradition is picking out our Christmas tree at one of the many Christmas tree farms in our area and we have one we go to every year...the only difference is we usually go when it is rainy and dark and this year we have had a dry winter for Washington, but the trek to find the tree was no less fun...walk all over and then voila, here is our tree!

Hoping you are spending time enjoying family and traditions, wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Wonderful 2012~

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