Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update on Project Bring Joseph Home

I sure wish I had a better update to tell, but I still believe this will bless many of you who are reading this or following along.

Total in savings: $90

Offer on house or for housing: 0

I have sent Emails out to several realtors in the area, they all say the same thing...'sorry, we wish you were in a better position to purchase a home, we have so many great ones, but we know of no one willing to lease to own their home, they would rather give them back to the bank.'

Thats okay, because come January, I am doing a writing blitz and this is going to encompass writing many real letters, you know, the ones that take an envelope and stamp? I am going to send letters out to every realtor in every realty office in our county and the county next to us. This way, I know everyone is reading about this and maybe prayerfully, one out of one hundred will say, 'wait, I have the perfect place.'

Remember, we are expecting a miracle in this mission. A home that fits our daily needs, has a separate apartment or area for Joseph and his dog to live. I am believing that when the time comes to sell our home, it will not short sale, but instead sell to pay it off and give us a bit extra...not alot, but enough & I have seen God work miracles in 2 other homes I have sold in the past!

The greatest thing I have to report is how several people have called me or wrote to me and told me how they have reached out to a homeless person this season because of Joseph and his story. These stories bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

You may not be able to give to this project from a moms heart, you may not trust that I will do as I say, but if you reach out to help someone else because of Josephs story, you are doing what God wants this story to do and reach out to others.

Many blessings to all of you who have sent me warm stories, encouraged me and helped us anyway you can!

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