Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fibromyalgia Costs

I have a friend who also has Fibromyalgia, she wears a pain patch all the time pumping pain meds into her, but she is at least able to move around much more freely.

She suggested the other day that I contact the clinic she goes to for help. I did, however the problem is they do not take insurance and their basic cost to treat someone is close to $4000. Initially I was told that is it, however when I called them back and spoke to another person she told me I could bill my insurance company, sometimes they pay an out of network fee to help with costs and sometimes they don't.

Their fee's also include all the treatments, testing and medications. I wouldn't normally think about this except I almost have my car paid off and I have been in the middle of a flare up for almost a week now. My body hurts, my hands and feet are swollen, I am exhausted (I sit down and fall asleep), I have had chronic nausea & feel like the walking dead!

I see my specialist today, who I only see about 2-3 times a year, he will spend a few minutes with me and give me medications and send me on my way. He doesn't know anything about me, doesn't know about my job and job loss, that I raise 3 grandchildren and he doesn't care.

The bad thing is I have to drive to Oly and that is about an hour away. By the time I get there, my hips and back will be locked up and I will feel like a worse mess than I do today.

Wish me luck, I am hoping today, we can at least get me back into massage therapy!

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