Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh Yes, I Did Just Say That...ORGANIZATION

So, I am ducking all the stuff you are all throwing at me right now, old shoes, belts, toys, books, you know all the S T U F F you hang onto year after year saying you will get rid of it next year, you are saving it for a yard sale, your sisters second husbands third cousin twice removed baby (though she hasn't had a baby yet).

You want to say you aren't a hoarder, but look around with an honest eye, are you starting  to become one? Do you take everything that says free because you might want to use it in a project someday or do you actually use it in those projects?

I am here to say, its okay to open those closet doors, pull out those drawers and grab the big garbage bag and start dumping the junk. But the fabric is so good?  Is it?  Even the best fabrics after sitting year after year will begin to show wear and tear.  Give it to someone who will use it.

This is the time of year for me to begin as I do every year for the next 2 weeks to month, to organize my home and the clutter and I always begin in my own bedroom.  I touch everything in my room and ask myself if I will really ever wear it again?  Last year, I sold several bottles of expensive perfume because while I loved it, hubby didn't.

This year, I have to get rid of my grandmothers jewelry box.  I opened it the other day and the lid came completely off its hinges and the small shelf snapped.  It is time to say good-bye to the box.  I am not saying good-bye to my grandmother, just this box that once held all kinds of her treasures.  I will always have the memories, I just don't need the clutter!

From there, I will go to my shoes and see which ones I really wear and donate or sell them and my clothes that I either don't wear any longer or can't stand to look at another week and forget it if it makes me look frumpy.

I take one day, one room, one drawer and shelf at a time and I analyse it for what I use it or need it for.  If it gets a negative reaction, it goes byedy bye.  If I use it and it makes me feel good, I save  it.

Last year I joined two separate destashing sites and I cleaned out tons of fabric, gave away alot to my wonderful readers, gave away patterns and books and this year I can say, I cleaned out not one, not two, but three large bins of fabric and an entire box of quilting books and patterns.  Mostly for charity quilts, but I did sell some on line and even sold my first item in my Zibbet shop!

Who knows what 2012 will bring, but whatever it brings, I am making sure I will have room to fit it in my small Craftsman home!

Get busy, go organize something!

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