Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organization is Bliss

It has been a tough week in our household. Oldest grand had her tonsils removed on the 21st and while she looked like she was going to glide through it, a few days ago she began having some problems.

Here ears felt like someone was stabbing them with toothpicks, she has picked up a stress viral infection and her mouth is filled with white pus filled ulcers, she has lost 6 pounds and is just miserable.

Hubby, I and our best friend John kept vigil over Christmas.  The first few days after surgery we had her sleep on her Papa's recliner, it was perfect for the way the doc wanted her to sit, then her ears, so she slept with me.  Then back on the chair with Papa on the couch next to her so I could sleep.  Even John took watch for us one night.

Today her pediatrician said the ear pain is related to not only the tonsils but the virus she has causes pressure on key facial nerves.  Finally, she has drifted off asleep on the couch where I will cover her and leave her to sleep.

My youngest son and his wife were trying to help her brother by allowing he and his girl to stay with them for a few weeks, they wound up not doing what they were supposed to and they couldn't get them out.  Because they were finally escorted out after tearing my sons door off its hinges, the girl went to the office and let them know my son was a felon.

Today, they received a 10 day eviction notice.  They have located an attorney who will see them pro-bono tomorrow to see what he can do to help them. They work all night, sleep most days and stay to themselves, they pay their rent on time and have no money to move.  Please pray for them!

Emergency room yesterday with the grand and her ulcers, up all night with her screaming in pain and doing all I could to calm her and help her.  Today, another day with the doctor.

But..................it is done!  I have completely cleaned, purged, rearranged and organized my bedroom and our bathroom.  I now have a ton of clothes to get rid of.  I am trying through a local listing board to sell my old clothes, but they are in really great shape and nice brands.

I have added two nice sized pillows to my closet, so now I can sit when I do my morning prayers comfortably in my closet with the door closed so I have no interruptions.

Tomorrow, I take on the living room which includes my sewing closet, but that is not going to be to difficult or at least I hope it won't!

How is your organizing going this time of the year?

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Sara said...

My prayers for your family! Bless your heart for all you do for the grandkids. It is so hard to see children sick. I'm amazed that you have gotten so much organization done through all of the other things. Good for you! I have a huge organization project that needs to be tackled, and it has gotten bigger since my mother-in-law passed away in November and now we have a bunch of her things here too.