Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Project

So, after spending an entire day cleaning and organizing my living room, I am sad to report it still isn't finished.  However, this little gem is!

When I organize and clean at the end of the year, that I have to look at and touch everything and make a decision to keep it, toss it, sell it or store it.

When that is done, I take pictures of what I have and record changes over the year for insurance purposes should anything happen.

So, after cleaning, scrubbing, tossing and storing up my sewing closet by projects I will finish in 2012 right out of the gate, I decided I wanted to brighten up my space with a new pin cushion and one that had more room then my first one did and sections for pins and needles.

I came up with this 8" x 8" large pin cushion using black and white polka dot scraps and white linen scraps and then this adorable roaring twenties lady button in red and white.

Here is the back all polka dotty and cheery.  Even the black fabric with white polka dots is cheery and that is why I picked out this fabric.  It is completed and done and my closet, desk, bookshelves are cleaned, dusted and decluttered.

I plan on making a few more of these and listing them in my Zibbet shop soon after the new year, so if you are in the market for a new pin cushion and don't want to make one yourself, check my shop around the 15th of January and I always have free shipping!

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