Thursday, December 8, 2011

Royal Sized Quilt

This is what my sewing closet looks like right now filled with a king sized quilt for my youngest son and DIL, the quilt takes up the entire sewing area and covers my machine.

I used Patrick Lose fabric on the back, it is called I believe Colorful dots and is the smaller of the polka dotted fabric, the larger might be his as well, but I do not remember.

I then took all the polka dot fabric I had and cut various sizes of squares and placed them willy nilly all over. My son and his wife love the color black and loud prints, so I thought this would be perfect.

I can guarantee you they won't find another one like it anywhere as it is a Quilting Ranny original!

The front is various squares and you can see it just a bit on this picture, however, until it is complete 100% and I can figure out how to take a picture in its entirty of a king sized quilt, I must leave you hanging right now.

This was taken during the edging part, now that is done, I will lay it out and begin the slow and painstaking task of hand knotting it and then in the end I will bind it, complete the pillow shams I made to match it and if they are lucky, it will be in the mail just in the nick of time for Christmas.

After all, haven't you heard? Phoenix is very cold right now in the low 30's and I wouldn't want their warm blood to freeze!

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