Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scouting in The Cold

I can't say I know to many adults (actually there weren't many) that are willing to spend a Saturday morning in 34 degree weather in the fog to stand outside and wave and smile to people to help local food banks.

However, these 2 little ones were awakened by me at 7:00 this morning and asked, if they would like to go volunteer and help out and they were warned it was exceedingly cold!

Without a glitch or a moan, they hopped out of bed, got dressed and without breakfast, we were off and they were out and smiling and freezing their little toes off. Not one complaint about how cold they were, how boring it was or how it was Saturday.

Look at this smile, wouldn't you want to donate food to her for being such a happy little Girl Scout? Don't you just love her hat? It is recycled plastic garbage bags purchased from a missionary to Sierra Leone that sells them to help women in need.

It is always easier in my eyes to show children how to be givers and not just takers. How many children I see and adults that feel they should only take.

Really? I have seen families pull up to the welfare office wearing Tommy Hilfiger, layers of gold jewelry in a Cadillac Escalade and receive benefits while hard working families who just lost their jobs and are struggling get turned down because they made $15 to much.

How can we not look around us and see their is a need to help others and shame on those who are only takers and do not understand giving!

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