Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bathroom Curtains

I was really shocked last week when I took the curtains down out of our main bathroom and they were faded to almost white and looked like a bad tie dye job! What shocked me most is that we have one of those thick windows with the design so no one can see in and the window is on the side of the house that seriously gets no sun.

Now, I have made curtains in the past and hated it! I can never get them straight, they always come out looking lopsided. This time I measured and rotary cut both pieces then pinned them together and measured and cut again until in my mind and eyes they were perfect.

Then I used my gauging tool with the slide and measured, ironed, measured, ironed, measured and pinned. I was meticulous in my measuring, ironing and hemming.

And here they are: I used left over fabric from my son and DIL's quilt and thought it was the perfect thing to brighten up that light blue bathroom and as you can tell, they still let the light in.

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Melinda Cornish said...

first of all...Happy New Year! I still think about you and the kids every day and wish you the best....I love your blog header and I love your new curtains.....I bet they look really cute and gave you a lift!