Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pin Cushions

I just listed this adorable pin cushion for sale in my Zibbet shop. I love the Victorian period dress an sewing basket and the birds and felt this made an amazingly large pin cushion. It is 7" x 7" and and inch and a half deep so when you pick it up, you won't get stuck. My old pin cushion, the pins went through the bottom. I loved the big bright orange, green and blue button.

The back is completed in a dusty pink modern pattern that just really finished this cushion up nicely. I am selling them for a very reasonable price that includes postage to the United States only. If you live

out of the United States, postage fees apply.

The next one I made because I love polka dots and white polka dots on black just speaks to me in so many things...quilt bindings, skirts, shorts, etc., so it was natural I would make a pin cushion with polka dots as well.

It is made with polka dots fabric and white linen fabric with a large black button in the middle and the back is solid polka dot fabric.

I know many of you already have pin cushions or can make your own, I have so many talented followers. However, what about all the projects you have going on and just can't seem to make those small gifts for friends, family and co-workers....not the Christmas type gifts, but you know, the small gifts for a co-worker who is feeling blue, a neighbor who is just learnign to sew, a thank-you to a friend who made you soup when you were sick?

We can all run to WalMart or other places picking up dollar gifts that break quickly or that are all made in China, but what about picking up a few handmade gifts and keeping them on hand for those special moments when you don't want to run to the store?

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