Monday, January 2, 2012

Bible Study Blog Hop, Week One

I hope you will grab the Bible Study blog hop button and place it on your blog so others will join in our quest to grow closer to His word. Please just complete the linky at the bottom of this post after you have posted so we can stop by and read your take on this weeks lesson.

In lesson one, I covered why I read and how I read (with pen in hand). I have always had a love affair with my New American Standard Open Bible, but any Bible we take up and read is okay with me. I also use the New King James Version of the Spirit Filled Womens Bible and I have a study Bible. For all intents and purposes, use your Bible, don't rush out and purchase one for this study!

I also keep a spiritual diary separate from my daily journal. Keepin a journal will amaze you especially when you go back a few years and, I saw that differently back then or wow, God is still speaking to me the same way.

An example is: Do you know there are 24 mentions of the tongue and the damage it causes between Proverbs 1:1 and 13:13? I know there are more in there, I haven't finished yet and the words, 'In Him or In Christ,' can be found in Acts, Ephesians,Romans, Phillipians, 2 Corinthians, James, 1 John, 1 Peter? When I go back and look at my Spiritual journal, I know I was searching for something. The one on the mouth and tongue was to help me curb mine! Seriously!

Do you keep a spiritual journal? How do you journal spiritually? I follow these guidelines when I can:
1. What is Gods message to me today? What is in this reading that I am seeing clearly?

2. Is there a promise from God in what I am reading? Then I break that down a bit further, is that promise universal (does it apply to all?), does it apply to me? You will know when a promise applies to you, trust me.

3. Are there conditions on this promise? Read the passages above and below, some of Gods promises ask us to meet certain conditions and you should never claim a promise unless you are willing to meet the conditions* and always write down those conditions so you do not forget them.

4. Is there a command to keep in this reading?

5. Always remember what we sow, we will reap!

6. How can you apply it to your own life?

**Do not pray prayers unless you are willing to meet the conditions. I prayed the prayer of Jabez over my grandchildre for their safety, several days later my husband and I were given custody and have had custody for over 7 years. I prayed the prayer of Jabez over my son because I didn't know where he was...he is now in prison and I know daily where he is. I prayed the prayer of Jabez to move to Washington and now we are here, things aren't so easy. I haven't prayed it again! All I am saying is if you are going to claim a promise or a prayer, be willing to commit to Gods conditions!

So, I know you are asking why keep a spiritual diary? What is it important? Why does it matter? First of all, I keep mine in all kinds of books. Right now I am using a journal I won last year from another site. In the past they have been in spiral bound notebooks, fancy journals, whatever I have around the house. Don't go out and spend a fortune for these note books.

Reasons for Keeping Spiritual Diary:
There are many reasons and each one of us will have a different reason and I can't wait to hear them all. Here are just some of my reasons behind journaling:

1. It provides me a way to record daily insights I am learning from Gods Word. What I may get out of a passage, you may get something different and sharing those weekly will be amazing!

2. It produces an attitude of expectancy. Okay God today I am expecting a good day, a blessing, etc.

3. It provides a check list in black and white on regularly missed you miss every Tuesday because of school? Do you miss every Saturday because of laundry? Are you missing gaps of days? This is your record to keep, not mine.

4. It provides a review. In a month, six months, a year or more you may pick it up and go...WOW!

5.It provides a quick appraisel of your spiritual growth.

Grab the linky below and post between now and Saturday, I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

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~Niki~ said...

I'm joining you and have linked/posted on my blog about this.
I'm using Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible. I like this bible because it is a teaching bible. Has the footnotes at the bottom of the pages. It's the NKJV.