Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Knew Buying A Washer & Vacuum Cleaner Was Sto Stressful

I am seriously beginning to believe something in our house does not like us and didn't like the people before us or before them...but seriously....there is something that eats light bulbs and appliances and it is becoming so stressful!

We blow through light bulbs at an incredible rate and we have replaced several vacuums and 2 dishwashers, it is crazy. Now, my wonderful, well loved Maytag Neptune Washer took a turn for the worse and according to the repairman...has died.

Well, what was said is the Maytag is now made by Whirlpool and the part I need is no longer made without purchasing a new tub ensemble and the cost for that is over $ washer time! I had buying washers and we are to old to do the used washer game where every year or so you are carting an old one out and new one in!

I know many people hated the Neptune, but ours is over 10 years old and until Friday, we have never had one problem with it at all! As a front loader the seal never leaked, it never smelled bad or took on mold because I followed the instructions to give it a bleach bath monthly. It never had the gurggly sound in it I have heard so many talk about and next to my JC Penny model we purchased when we got married, it was amazing!

Now, I have to purchase a new one and with all the technology available and reviews on line, this is stressful. My sales person told me not to purchase LG because while they are amazing, she said it can take months to get parts. GE is made in America and right now not one person I have spoken with likes GE and that saddens me.

I read hundreds of reviews about the Kenmore Elite and sadly, there were more negative reviews than positive reviews and that saddens me with Kenmore once being a brand many homeowners would ONLY purchase.

Samsung has good reviews and the best is Electrolux.

When you are spending the type of money they are asking for appliances now, it is very stressful to me.

It would be wonderful if I could just do a PR on one and not have to pay, kind of like a test drive!

Any suggestions from my readers?


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm wondering what is burning out your appliances. Have you had the electrical checked in your house? Power surges from the wind mills have blown several of my in-laws applinances, repetedly....not good.

I recently bought a Cirrus Professional Grade Vac. I've had it for several months and no complaints so far....which says a great deal. I've returned over 7 vacs because they didn't work like it was advertised to work.

Hope this helps...if even a little bit.

On the washer...we have a front load...I don't like it. I'd rather have my old one back.

I think there should be a no questions asked return policy for major appliances...that would help a great deal.


Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Kelly, I had never heard of a Cirrus. The issue at hand is that we have a home built in 1926 with very old wiring that doesn't handle 'new technology,' well. If all goes well, we hope to do a complete rewire this summer, but once the main wiring is done, then comes pulling apart walls, etc. Until then, I just pray daily my house doesn't burn down as so many old homes in our area have due to overloading...we try not to!

Love Of Quilts said...

I just have found out that my washer is not on a plug by its self so I try not to run anything else while washing so It won't cause a problem. You could call around and fine a repair man that has this part or another machine he could get the part from and fix your. Just a thought.

autumnesf said...

We just replaced ours about a year ago. We avoided the front loaders because of the mold issues. But what we did was watch for dented models at Best Buy. Our new ones were sold to us at half price due to the scratches and dents. Being military we knew they would go thru at least one move and get scratched by the movers anyways (always seems to happen to us). Something to keep in mind if they aren't in a highly visible area of the house.

Quiltingranny said...

Ours never had a mold issue and if you bleach them once a month as per manf. directions you shouldn't. Still I know many people who have complained about the mold! Thanks for the info Autumn.