Monday, January 9, 2012

Ryka Revive 3 Ortho Lite Shoes

After just posting a huge post about these awesome shoes to the wrong blog (sorry Wendy), I had to go in and delete it all and now rewrite it.

I have always been a fan of Ryka shoes long before they were made in China, long before Kelly Ripa got paid big bucks to talk them up and long before the Brown Shoe Company took them over!

Last week I went to our local Famous Footwear to purchase a new pair of walking shoes and with my Neuropathy it is difficult to find shoes that don't make my feet scream in pain, feel like I am walking on rocks or are just plain to hard to walk in!

My goal was to purchase a pair of the new Nike Dual Fusions in Hot Pink, feeling those would motivate me to get outside walking just because of the amazing color.

So I tried on a pair and loved them and walked all around the store in them. Then I tried on a pair of Skechers Tone Ups and didn't like them at all. Then the lime color on these Ryka Revives caught my eye.

Tried them on and loved them. My only decision was which pair was I going to buy? The Nike's which I also loved, were light and felt wonderful or the Ryka's? I chose the Ryka's because they were just within my price range and the Nike's cost a bit more than the gift cared I had received had on it.

Would Ryka hold up under my feet? Would they do as I hoped and allow me to walk in comfort? These were after all, running shoes, not walking shoes. While I love Ryka Sport Walkers, I can no longer wear them as they are to heavy and lets face it, they are basic white, no eye catching colors! B O R I N G!!

Today, I walked around my church parking lot which also happens to be an old elementary school and these shoes were awesome! My feet didn't feel any pain, I didn't feel as if I was walking on rocks or Asphalt, I jumped around a few Hopscotch boards, walked on a balance beam and not just once around, but twice.

When I came home and took the Ryka's off, my feet were calm, not screaming in pain or spasms as many new shoes cause my feet to suffer through. No, they were happy feet. If you are looking for a new pair of shoes pick up the Ryka Revive 3's, you will be glad you did!

Sadly, our local Famous Footwear which is owned by Brown Shoe Company has decided to pull out of our area which will leave us no choice to purchase shoes with the exception of driving an hour to two hours away to Olympia or Silverdale. I find this sad on their part that they would chose to close down as opposed to moving to a store in a more heavily shopped area.

**Ryka, Brown Shoe Company, Famous Footwear nor Nike paid me any compensation for this review, I truly like their shoes and will continue to do Product Reviews on products I like.**


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I'm always looking for a good walking shoe. I had heal spur surgery on both feet so I am always careful when choosing shoes. It's a shame that they are closing your local Famous Footwear. We are lucky to have two stores close to us. If you know which shoe you prefer and the size you like you can order them online. If you are comfortable doing that. I know some people prefer to try their shoes on and others don't mind buying shoes online.

p.s. Like you I prefer to have shoes with lots of color instead of boring white.

cara said...

thanks for your review it was helpful! i found them at Rack Room Shoes, if you happen to have them near you!