Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Won't Find Me On Hoarding Shows, Unless...

You will never find me on a hoarding show. While I totally understand this is a disorder like a mental illness or addiction I am a bug and critter phobe and can smell mouse droppings a mile away or even death pretty quickly so having animals that have died in my home while buried alive....NO!

However, if I wasn't as squeemish as I am about bugs and crawly things, you would most likely find me on one in the role or professional organizer. I love organization, I thrive on it and while I may not always remember where my keys are (Yes, John after all these years, I keep them in the same place 95% of the time!), I love opening a drawer, closet or cabinet and finding what I am looking for!

My husband has a clothes hamper next to our bed on his side and yet, every night he drops his clothes next to the hamper on the floor, it drives me crazy! Then he proceeds on telling the kids they can't do the same thing. Wait a minute sweets, you can't do that, it is sending a very mixed message!

Yesterday while the snow was falling outside, the kids were sledding, I worked on my new pantry shelves in the basement hubs put up for me. I covered them with a marbled black and gray flecked Contact paper so they would be easy to wash and match the black and white checked flooring I put down! Here is a picture. The area is not wide enough for me to stand back enough to get a great picture, but here you can see the new shelves.

Lucky for me the oldes grand kept coming in to see how she could help and she did the lower shelf as she knows I would not be able to get back off the floor and she helped line everything up nicely. Her organization comes from her engineering mind and liking nice clean lines!

As you can see, I use large food grade buckets for some of my things. I keep sugar in one (my husband loves his sweet tea) and the other holds bread flour. I am in the process of getting a few more for beans, rice, etc.

I do not hoard food, but I believe it is important to have enough on hand that I don't have to go shopping all the time. A bucket like this holds enough beans to last us almost the entire year. It also helps if you are snowed in to have food on had that is easy to cook or be able to cook on a camp stove outside!

I keep a clip board on the shelf and it has a list of everything on the shelves, fridge and freezer in the basement and a pen. It is expected that when someone takes something, they will cross it off the list and make the correction of how many are left. If it is the last one, they will put it on a shopping list upstairs.

I have 2 of these clip boards. One is in the basement and the other is inside a cabinet upstairs that has the list of kitchen items, basement items and the shopping list. On the fridge is a Costco and regular shopping list.

Lastly, here are the shelves hubby and I covered last year with floor tile. You can see they are a bit messy from my re-organization yesterday as I was moving things around to see where I wanted them. Today, I will figure it all out and relabel all the shelves and this area makes it nice because we can keep bins of potatoes, onions and wine down here and it lasts!

Hmmmm. maybe I should open an organization business! HAHA!!


autumnesf said...

It's been so hard reading everyone's organizing posts while we are in limbo. I just want hubs to get a job so we can move and buy a home and settle in. Apparently God is working on my patience issues. Lol.

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

I also love to organize stuff. It seriously thrills me. Weird thing is that I am a bit of a slob.