Saturday, March 31, 2012

GE Good Old Fashioned Washing Machine

This is my new washing machine that had to replace my very beloved over 12 years old Maytag Neptune washing machine. Oh, like my vacuum cleaner, I did not want to part with my washer, however, you cannot find the parts for these anymore and to replace what was wrong would have cost me a new washer.

So, being on a huge budget, my husband and I began researching machines and trust me when I say, I had my heart very much set on a red front loading LG washer but my mind very open.

While there were some good reviews on the LG, many of the complaints were about repairs and parts since these washers are not made in America the parts are not very easy to come by and can take weeks or months to get.

I called three different applicance repair companies, spoke with area dealers and they all agreed that LG's are good, but if something goes wrong with them, you will be at the laundry mat for a long time waiting for the repairs.

I then wanted to revert back to Maytag, however I found out Whirlpool purchased Maytag and Maytag has gone way down hill. Seems while we loved our Neptune, many others did not. Well, if I can't have a Maytag and can't afford a front loading machine, I will get a new HE top loader.

That meant only one washer would work for me, the Sears Elite. Well, after talking to owners, repair persons, we found out that many of the new HE top loading washers don't always wet all the clothes. Seems there is a governor of sorts in them and when they are full, they are full. Then there were issues that the washers would lock and you couldn't add or remove clothes.

Hubby and I had heard GE washers were made in America, that was the deal cleancher for us, being able to support the American workers, American companies and know that while we weren't supporting them with thousands of dollars now, if we liked what we purchased we would buy over and over again!

I have been extremely happy with my GE 3.3 super large capacity ExtrAction basket washing machine. It cleans the clothes nicely, it is super quiet (we heard it was loud) while sitting on top of a wooden pedestal in an uninsulated laundry room.

It has 3 options for wash: small, large and super. It has a whites, colors and darks cycle **I wished it had a gentle cycle** It has a dispenser for bleach and fabric softener.

Sears had it on sale however they (as usual...hello Sears are you listening??)didn't have it in stock and weren't quite sure when they would have it and then they would charge us a delivery fee. Home Depot also had it on sale plus a bonus sale, had it in stock and hubby picked it up, put it in his truck and we saved money.

What it comes down to really is this does the job. This makes my clothes smell clean. This fit my budget. I didn't put my budget in the red, I didn't set up a charge account, I didn't borrow money and honestly, I do not need to impress anyone with a red washing machine.

**This is my own opinion. GE did not compensate me in any way to state my opinion. I did not get anything in return for this posting.**

***Sadly I have owned this washer for 13 1/2 months now and over the past 2 months it has shown me my original comments were sadly mistaken.  The washer now requires most loads to be spun at least twice to get the water out, it constantly comes out of balance though it is 100% level and the clothes I wash smell sour though I was daily and do NOT leave then in the washer!  Further contacts to GE on line and Facebook only told me to contact customer service which I did and got no response.  If you are desperate like we were for a washer this one will last about a year so save your money if you can and purchase a product that is NOT GE, Six Sigma quality went out the window when Jack Welch left the company***

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