Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

A few months back, I asked for input into purchasing a vacuum cleaner. I hadn't had to buy one for many many years having owned a Silver King and loved it. So the new vacuum cleaner was going to have to step up and meet my stringent guidelines and it couldn't have a bag!

It had to pick up pet hair (with a cat it needs to pick it up great not just good!). It couldn't smell (some vacuums smell like dirt or mold when you turn them on), it had to have tools (the last cheap one I bought did not come with tools).

Well, I first contacted Silver King, but in today's economy, they are so out of line on their prices I was disappointed. They would give me a discount, but even with the discount, the cost of the vacuum was going to be over $1500. No, that wasn't going to happen! They are worth the $1500 price tag, but remember that was a discount to me, the price for a new one if you haven't been a previous owner is $3275. I wish them well, if you get one of these for a wedding gift, you will never need another vacuum cleaner again! I really loved my Silver King!

So heading down to our local retailer we began reading boxes and information on vacuums. I didn't really want an upright having to carry it up and down the stairs (I can't, so I have to wait for hubby to come home and take it down.) But we settled on this one for so many reasons! The Bissell Heavy Duty!

Let me tell you about many of those reasons:

  1. It has 7 height settings -Our house has wood flooring, vinyl flooring, flat rugs, thick rugs and pile rugs, this fits all of our needs. **The only draw back is the knob to adjust is at the top of the bottom portion of the vacuum in a dial. I have back issues so bending to change it can be an issue**

  2. Beater brush can be turned off it you don't need it. **I like this so I am not beating my hardwood floors to death!**

  3. It has a removable/storable turbo (pet hair) brush **this is a smaller brush you attach to the hose and vacuum those areas that a larger vac won't reach...couch/chairs/curtains** very easy to store and remove on the vacuum.

  4. Long hose **I can vacuum the stairs without having to move the vacuum**

  5. Push button canister **hold the canister over the garbage, push the button and it empties itself** Just be careful the first time as it empties quickly and if your garbage it full you will get dust all over**

  6. Two separation systems. The first time we vacuumed, I was so embarassed, all the sand, dirt and dust in my carpets or under them the suction is this good. ** It gets divided into the chambers so you can really see how great this vacuum works**

  7. Price, Price, Price....under $200

I have had this vacuum now for almost two months and I find Bissell to be a very well made product and a company that stands by its products! **Bissell has not compensated me for this product review, this is my opinon only.**

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