Saturday, March 31, 2012


This is the quilt I am working on for my youngest grandson. Can you believe I got the fabric at a great price at a local thrift store? It is a print that is from Ikea. Who knew? I didn't. But then again, Ikea is a 2 hour drive for me either into Portland or Seattle, so it isn't exactly a trip I want to make when I am not working.

I was actually blessed to be able to get two pieces of the same size for the front and back and will complete the binding in red to help it stand out.

I am a quilter who has done Stitch in the Ditch or tied my quilts off, never have I actually been able to really do a quilted quilt as I never had a darning foot.

Well, thanks to some awesome blog friends who jumped in and told me how to get the foot to work (think pedal to the metal and snail like movement) and I got it working great.

I wanted the quilting to resemble a childs scribbling because after all it is for a child, so I basically scribbled with thread all over the place and had so much fun.

Next time however, hubby says I must use ear protection as he felt the machine was very loud and with my hearing issues he wants to make sure I use ear plugs.

I am so grateful to have someone who cares that much about me. Who ever thought a sewing machine would be noisy enough to need ear plugs? Aside from industrial machines?

Don't you just love this pattern? It has so many wonderful and bright animals and colors and it just pops and says cuddle with me!

I used a cotton varigated thread by Gutterman, they are becoming my very favorite thread company. I have found their cotton threads to be amazing and they don't break as easily as other quilting threads I have used.

I also discovered that I need to begin purchasing my threads in larger spools if I am going to quilt all my quilts because I went through a spool of thread so fast it made my head spin! Oh well, live and learn!

If you look really close into the quilting you can see a hidden word. There are several hidden words in this quilt, it was just something I felt an urging to do to see if anyone ever pays attention to what I do. Chrissy, you cannot tell them this is here.
Unless you know what you are looking for or that there is something in all that scribbling, you won't see it, but how fun it will be when they ask me!

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