Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Wanted To Share

I have to give a huge HUG and THANKS to both the Singer Company and HSN CEO's for making this sewing machine a dream come true. They know how amazing they are, but sometimes you have to just say thank you!

This is my Singer 160th Anniversay model and it is simply amazing. I can automatically thread the machine which helps when you are slowly needing a magnifying glass to see the little hole in the needle. It has the most amazing and easy to load bobbin.

The feet that came with it are awesome, but I know I will use the 1/4" foot more than anything. I never knew how much that 1/4" really meant until I started working on this quilt and saw how nice it has come together.

I am calling this quilt simply: Very Violets and this is a sneak peek of the top. When it is finished I will be listing it for sale in my Zibbet shop.

Think Mothers Day flowers that will never wither away, or a way to brighten a sun filled patio. The money will go into an account I am saving for to bring my homeless son home.

At this time I do not know the cost, but it will be somewhere between cheap and moderate.


Bethany said...

LOVE the machine! Nice touch on antique and modern. I miss the decorative work on the older machines and it's nice to know Singer has brought it back.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Cool looking machine, I've got to go over and check those out.

Beautiful quilt too.


Pokey said...

I've seen them and it is an adorable machine. I'm so happy for you and the joy it brought to you. Your violet quilt is too cool ~

autumnesf said...

So cool!

Hey - I can't read your new font color. I have color blindness issues. Do you love me enough to change it?

Melinda Cornish said...

I am just absolutely THRILLED for you....What a wonderful thing and you are the perfect person to have it.....xoxoxox melinda