Sunday, March 4, 2012

Letting the Cat Out Of The Bag

I haven't found a counselor yet, but I have been pushing myself to do more things a bit for me than usual and hubby and I decided to take the family for a quick out of town trip this week-end which really seemed to perk up my spirits.

We delivered some Girl Scout cookies to some friend who live about an hour and a half away. We decided to eat at Wendy's (wasn't my first choice) when I ran into a lady I had met during my medical training back in November for the dispatch position. She told me she believed they were hiring again and if any of you know me, I do not really believe in fate. It was nice to get such an unexpected huge hug from her.

At our friend Johns, they kids just seem to be less his home, it is always sooooooooooo peaceful. I sleep all night, get up and then slept/napped in the recliner while hubs napped on the couch most of the morning. Huge hugs to John for keeping his home so perfectly calming. It has always had this affect on me!

We headed out of town and stopped for gas where is was cheaper by 10 cents a gallon and in hubbies truck that means a lot! Then stopped by Trader Joe's for Pear Ginger tea and some Cubano wraps. I picked up hubby some Pistachio crusted toffee.

On the way home, we travelled through Shelton and stopped at Burger King so the kids could eat and we could get out and stretch. I hadn't been the way hubby took us, so it was nice to see another road and area we hadn't been to.

When we left Shelton, we headed up through Olympia to stop by Harbor Freight for hubby but honestly, you can't take me in there and NOT have me find something I want. I picked up a Topsy Turvy for Strawberries and a property engraver.

So, you can take the dispatcher out of law enforcement, but you can't take the law enforcement out of the dispatcher and if you have a unique number etched on your items and something does happen, you have a much better chance if they get these items of getting them back right away and not trying to prove they are yours!

Onto Costco where we got things we needed like DW detergent, laundry detergent, sandwich bags, know the things you use all the time but only need to buy once in awhile. Home was a nice sight to see and we all worked together to get the truck unloaded, bags unpacked and groceries put away.

Oh, I almost forgot, you wanted to know about Letting the Cat Out of The she is!


sally said...

I want you to be sure and know that you are not alone in this world. There are people who care. Your friend John sounds like one of them.

I have been frustrated lately with projects that need doing at my house, but for which we have no money. So I have begun finding tiny fixes and working on those. Things like a plastic box to store one category of the things constantly falling off one particular high shelf. I spent $10 on that this paycheck, and my plan is to sort through my items, find the category that fits in the box I bought, and decide which size box I should buy next. Slowly but surely my life will get easier. And it has been amazing to me how that one simple fix, that has been bothering me for way too long, has really improved my outlook. I am proud of me, _and_ I can find stuff.

What I'm saying is that these little things can add up -- your weekend trip being a good example. Keep going that way. And don't be afraid to ask the grands for their ideas. Asking their opinions will keep them involved and enthused.

Quiltingranny said...

You are so right Sally. I sent off my sons quilts and pillows this week and they received them. It was a huge weight seeing those sit on my hope chest and not sending them out. Today I am working on finishing a quilt that has hung over my head for several years now. For me as well it is the small things...paying off my van, paying off a credit card. I am not out of the dark woods yet, but I am feeling less cornered!

Charity Lynn said...

I love it when my car finds a special place to sleep/play. For the longest time he thought he was tiny and would sleep in a small basket on my night stand. He didn't realize he weighed 20 pounds. Now he's been sleeping on the window sill in the sun. He falls off alot! Cats are great fun!

~Niki~ said...

I wanted to check on you to say HI and hope you are starting to feel a bit better. I say take it one day at a time sweetie. It's rough, been there. Oh and I am boycotting Wendy's. My friend works there and says they work her 10 hour shifts with no breaks or lunches! insane. criminal!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Be sure to continue looking for a counselor. I called today to get authorization from insurance and hope to have everything I need by tomorrow to schedule an appt. We will BOTH get thru this time.