Friday, April 13, 2012

I Am A Humanveginutri What?

So for the past 4 weeks now I have been working hard on Dr. Fuhrmans book and principals of Eat to Live or Nutritarianism (think vegan) and well, while I am loosing weight I am about to toss my scale out the window. I wake up in the morning weighing great and by night I weigh 5# more and haven't cheated. Well, okay, I ate a Peeps and a few Jelly Beans on Easter, but aside from that, I am holding up much better than I thought I would.

There are some major stumbling blocks for me however. I HATE milk unless it is in cereal or used for graham cracker or Orea dunking. Just do not like it. Therefore, to use anything that says milk just makes me gag. But for the good of the diet I was willing to try Almond milk. That my friends is just as disgusting as the goats milk my grandparents made me drink.

In defence of this I will say the kids thought it was cool that when added to Egg Beaters, it turned the eggs from yellow to blue and when used as the base for French toast it isn't noticeable. I have tried Soy milk in the past that is a no go as well. I would rather go without milk than use it, so I can substitute water or 2% milk if I need to.

Tofu...not happening in this century or my life time. Tried it once not ever trying it again! Besides I found out there is a study that shows eating to much Soy is actually not as good for women as we have been told as it can interfere with our hormonal balance or if you are like me....imbalance...oh those hot flashes!

I have tried substitute cheese...not happening. I don't eat a lot of cheese so if I want a cheese stick I will have one. Same with yogurt. It helps the meds I take not upset my stomach so much.

On the flip side, I find that making and eating all the greens pretty challenging. A huge bowl of salad weighs less than a pound and it is funny to sit down with a large bowl and I am talking large....filled with lettuces, spinach, celery, onions, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and have my family look at me and ask, 'that is all for you, we can't have any?' Funny isn't it how now they feel robbed if I have a bowl of brown rice and they don't, or I have salad and they don't?

I love the juice breakfast, however, I drink a bottle of Nakeds Green Machine when it is juice breakfast day. I love my blueberry/oatmeal/banana/ pom juice, it is sweet and delicious without all the added sugars from my old coffee and muffin breakfast.

Lunch has been an experience but always fun. Like Lettuce, peanut butter banana roll-ups. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Dinner? I found some black bean burgers that are really good from Morning Star Farms and yesterday I mae the Australian Gold Cauliflower soup...think eating a soup that resembles the color and texture of baby poop or baby food. Aside from crunch of unpureed cashews, it wasn't bad. The comments from my family were worse than eating it.

Eggs? I still eat a boiled egg when I can't find anything else to eat and it fills the spot.

So, while I am loosing weight on this new life eating plan, I can honestly say I am not nor will I probably ever be a vegan. I will probably never go back to eating the way I was and that is a good thing. I am learning when Momma eats healthy the rest of the family wants what Momma is eating (up to a point).

I am still exhausted, still in lots of pain and that hasn't changed.

I may grab a bite of a good steak here and there and that is okay as well. What is good is that I have realized I can change and that change is good.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian and have a great meal you like, let me know! My next test is eating Quinoa!


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I have been really thinking (ok not as seriously as I want) about becoming a vegetarian. Or at least a semi-vegetarian which I call a sometime-atarian. I can do tofu but would need to find a lot of other ways to enjoy it. ME? I couldn’t get thru without milk or yogurt. So as you can see I could NEVER be a vegan. Glad you seem to be doing so well tho. Oh and I LOVE quinoa as you can do all kindsa stuff to give it flavor.

Kaye R said...

I fell across your blog through Sew its Finished, no I wouldn't eat Tofu either, it is the scum off the top of the tank when processing soy milk, in the mining industry they throw it away. I fell across the blood group diet and love it. For me I don't eat pasta, bread,rice,or a lot of red meat. That doesn't mean I give up the social convention of dining with friends and that is all that is served I just adjust the rest of my week. In fact no one knows that I am on the "diet" all I know is I just feel better if I get rid of the carbs. Good luck with your new direction.