Saturday, April 14, 2012

Handmade Shaving Kit

Hubby asked me a few days before his birthday if I had any ideas what I was going to get him. No, as usual he buys so much of what he wants, I never know. He then asked me if I could please get him a new shaving soap holder and brush as his brush was cracked and the shaving soap doesn't fit well in the rinse cup/changed into shaving cup.

Well, I knew then that the one thing I did not want to do was go to WalMart...the only game in our town. Nope, not going to happen, tired of playing that game!

I really wasn't feeling well enough to drive 45 miles into the big city and spend hours looking for something that might work, so being a huge believer in handmade and homemade items, I went to ETSY and began looking around.

Wow! There are so many really nice Artisians selling shaving kits. Some are repurposing coffee mugs or other ceramic bowls, others are hand throwing the clay to make bowls, some came with brushes some didn't, some came with soap and others didn't!

I then found this beautiful set by Jody over at:

Jody even makes handmade shaving soap and not wanting to order one that smells like beer (it seems to be a popular smell), I ordered her Bay Rum and it smells clean (not like Rum at all).

Jody took my order, kept me informed of the progress an when my order was mailed out. It arrived today and hubby was very excited to get something so nice and it came with a lid to keep the soap fresh!

If your husband uses shaving soap and not shaving cream (which to me makes your man smell so much better) and you are having difficulty finding the brushes or soaps or you just want some handmade soaps instead of manufactured soaps, I say go check out Jody and tell her I sent you. Support handmade!

This is what he has been using for years. It was a rinse cup for a bathroom when we lived in Arizona and our bathroom was done up in fishing decor for him!

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