Monday, April 2, 2012

No More Coffee, Maybe Some Tea

Wow! It is hard to imagine for anyone who has known or knows me that I have given up coffee. Then again, pinch me because I must be dreaming. I have lived off this stuff for so many years working graveyard shifts, then more to stay awake during the day, then because I liked the flavored coffee, that to imagine I am coffee free is unbelievable!

Don't get me wrong, for the first day without coffee I was fine, day 2 and 3 I felt I had a mule inside my head kicked the living tarnation out of me. I wanted to cave in, I wanted a towel to throw in, I wanted some caffeine!

But that isn't all I have given up...I have given up my Dr. Pepper. You read that one right, no soda either all in the past 8 days and I don't really miss either one. Well, I don't since I went through detoxing them out of my body.

So, what does one drink when the clock says it is time to get up and the house is still chilled from the long night? I drink a lemon mixture:

1/2 lemon squeezed (juiced)

Pinch of ground cinnamon (or a cinnamon stick as a stir stick)

1 small piece crystallized ginger

Hot water

Put all in a tea cup (not a coffee mug), stir and enjoy.

I also love Trader Joe's White Ginger tea or Tazo Passion tea. However, I can't seem to find the Tazo tea in a market near me and when I go to their web-site now all I seem to get are Starbucks advertisements. I also like the herbal Zinger teas by Celestial Seasonings, they will make your mouth pucker and say..'Good Morning World!' **Just found out Tazo is now owned by Starbucks, thereby no more good info on their site like they used to have, just a push to go to Starbucks...bwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!'

I just know that I have not been feeling well lately and decided to change my bad habits. So getting rid of caffeine and sugary soda was a choice and I feel better about that choice!

**I did not get paid by any of these companies. These are my opinions alone. I discuss products I like and if I do a product review for a company, I advise my readers of such!**


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Great accomplishment dear friend! Over the years, I have given up caffeine to and well know about that mule kicking your head as well as feeling so lethargic. I'm all for giving up the sodas! Hubby wants to cut out our coffee and I'm saying that it protects us against colon cancer and it is the only vice I have so I'm not ready yet-but maybe some day. I think we may go to half and half someday soon.
Have a great week and good job.

JustPam said...

I gave up soda years ago, but that was easy because I didn't really like it. I switched to decaf coffee because I have osteoporosis, but then I see that caffeine is good for Alzheimer's. My mother suffers from that. Seems like a no win situation!