Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reaching Out to Help Others

It is not to often you see new homes in our area. However, these two homes are special homes because they are Habitat for Humanity homes and were built for 2 families in our town. The yellow house is extremely special to me because it was built for our doctors assistant with the kids pediatricians office. She is a single mom of 2 adorable little girls.

We worked hard today on both yards as part of ComCast Cares Day. You can see hubby here as he is digging holes for the new Rhodie plants and the conversations around those plants was pretty funny!

In our area you have the Rhodie lovers (me for one) and the Rhodies should be banned (hubby for one) people. They are beautiful if kept up.

Even the kids enjoyed helping out. It was a blessing of a day for our area, sunny and 59 degrees and for us 59 is like living in Phoenix at 80 degrees.

Not only do the kids help because they are such great helpers....they help because they think it is fun helping others and of course they know one of the homeowners.

They worked hard, shoveling dirt, rock, bark, digging holes, planting trees and they did it with huge smiles.

They also racked up some great community service time for scouting.

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