Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do You Own This HealthOMeter Scale?

Do you own this scale?  I purchased mine the end of March for almost $40 and was excited because it would track my weight and my families and I could see how I was progressing with my new diet life style. 

Sadly, my joy over this has turned to anger and frustration.  The first set of batteries that were used in this came with it, so when they quickly died within a few weeks, I figured they were old.  So I purchased a new set of Duracell batteries and those were dead in about a week and a half.  Then RayoVac/Everready and finally an off brand.  All have had the same problem, they die within a week to 2 weeks.

There is no reason for this to happen as the scale is digital, it comes on by stepping on it and goes off when you step off.  I am the only one that uses it and I step on it several times a week.  I have never owned anything that sucks batteries dead as quickly as this one.  I have spent almost as much for batteries thus far as I have paid for the scale.

It is under warranty, so I wrote to HealthOMeter and asked them if they would kindly send me out a new scale and I would return this one...I no longer have the receipt, but I did register it with them. 

They will NOT do anything unless I pay the postage to send it to them so they can look at it.  This thing is glass and very heavy, to mail it USPS or UPS will probably cost at least an additional $15 to $20.

I want to know if any of you have this scale and how it has worked for you?  Are you having the same issues as I am having or did I buy a lemon scale?  I am just very upset about this.  Guess I will go back to the old scale and give up my digital!

Do you have a digital scale or weight tracking scale by another company? If so, please let me know because I am ready to junk this and get another one!


Laura Breadon, UK said...

These digital scalers are terrible for sucking batteries. But it does appear that the one you purchased is bogus because batteries should last longer than a week or two. My advise is chuck it and go back to the old fashion scalers. They may not be exact but aleast you are saving on the batteries and the way the world economy is rigt now, I wouldn't waste my money on them!
Thank you for your lovely blog!
Hugs, Laura Breadon from South London, UK

Wivi said...

I have a digital scale and the batteries last for several months. I use it every morning and my DH use it 2-3 times a week.