Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Am Always Excited to Apron Swap

I love Shawnee and Val's apron swaps and am sad in many ways they have had to cut back on them for all the right reasons for themselves, but I miss them so much.  Not that I am the most amazing seamstress, but I love hunting for the tuck ins to put in each box and the wrapping paper/bows oh how much fun.

This time due to the fact I have to travel to a good fabric store, I decided to order my partners apron, but the tuck-ins, now those are coming from the heart and I am having so much fun hunting for each little one that fits into the package.

Here is a preview of just one of them and I didn't take the entire picture on purpose because that would just ruin the surprise!

Now if you have it figured out, which I seriously doubt, please keep the secret a secret so my apron partner will be surprised.  Gotta run, rushing back and forth to Paris to find things is exhausting!  HAHAHA!!

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Dogmom Diva said...

I had a point at one swap where I needed to order an apron from a seamstress on ETSY..due to things happening at home I just couldnt get it done, and I agree, the tuck ins are awesome! Pretty one you have there!