Friday, June 1, 2012

I Walked Tonight For Those That No Longer Can

Tonight I walked the track for Relay For Life in memory of those that no longer can perhaps because cancer has removed that ability or they have gone onto heaven.

I walked and I cried. Every step I took hurt, but I walked because the last 6 months of my moms life, she couldn't walk and yet, unlike me, she never complained.  She was sad about not being able to walk, but not bitter.

I got behind these guys on the track wearing full fire gear and oxygen face masks walking for someone they may or may not know and walking so much faster than I was.

I walked and when I got tired, I thought of the kids who are such valient fighters, of my best friends sister who goes through her treatments and then goes to work, for little Elijah who has had numerouse surgeries because his tumor is on his spine and yet, he danced around the track.

I tried to dance, but my grandchildren all ran the other way, so I walked.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for walking!

Sara said...

Bravo - it says much about your heart!! It's a good one!