Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jeanie You Are The New First Place Winner!

In the case of a default, I always choose an alternate winner at the same time I choose all the winners.  Sadly for Hilchas, I never received a reply back within the mandatory 48 hours and six minutes ago the clock expired on their chance to win.  I am always sad when a winner doesn't respond back but I know the new winner will be excited.

There have sadly been times I do not get a response from the alternate and have to choose another alternate.  This takes up so much of my time and I hope you all understand why I must stick to the time frames I set.  It has to be fair to everyone.

Oh, you want to know who the winner is of the 3 packages of Pilot FriXion pens don't you?  Jeanie Brown  is our alternate and the new winner.  Hurry Jeanie the clock is ticking, you have 24 hours to respond !  Congratulations!

1 comment:

Jeanie Brown said...

Hi QuiltingGranny!
I won the the 3 packages of pilot pens!!
I am so excited! Thank you!!!
I replied with my complete address
to your email you sent me as the alternate winner.
Is this all I needed to do?
I am blessed with grandchildren who call me Granny, too. :)
Again, Thank You!
God's Blessings to you!
Jeanie Brown