Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are You Over Stashed?

view detailsDoes this look like your fabric room? All nice and neatly stacked in rows and on shelves?  Do you love just walking into that room and choosing what you need when you need it?

Or, is your room more like this...view detailsA pile of fabrics maybe some are organized in bins or drawers, but for the most part they are piled up? 

Are you like me, after using, reusing and reusing some more I seem to have fabric in my stash that I have had for years and used over and over again and yet I can't get rid of it?

I live in an area that doesn't have a very large selection of fabric shops (okay, I have one quilting shop). I am looking for the following if you want to share it with someone who will use it for a good cause:

  1. Rick Rack, large or small and in any colors (usable pieces only)
  2. Bias Tape (see above)
  3. Fabric...mainly looking for good usable pieces in polka dots, stripes, black on white and white on blacks, abstracts, children and toddler prints... if you have any to spare, I would surely love to have it.
I don't have much to barter with, but I am 100% willing to pay you for the postage.  I recently received a huge box of thread from Sew Cal Gal and once her package arrived, I sent her off payment in the mail, so I am good for it.  What do I have in exchange?

If you want to barter, I have quilting patterns/quilting books/vintage sewing patterns/Christian books or yes and a pile of selveges I will never use but for some reason keep saving.

Contact me via email or leave a comment and we can work it out!

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