Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vintage Sheets

I have come to realize even if you can't find a matching sheet set, you can find some great finds at local yard sales.  Passing by one today I picked up these 2 sheets for less than $4.00 and they are both queen sized.

This  one on the left is an old one by JC Penney with muted blue flowers and when I saw it I started thinking summer dresses for my youngest granddaughter, aprons, a quilt back and maybe even a nice summer quilt for the beach.

I know they say not to use sheets for the backs of your quilts, however, I have found that vintage sheets are made of such great quality they will make you proud and last forever.

Which leads me to the second sheet which was even a greater bargain since my favorite quilt colors to work with at this time are purple, I found a flannel queen sheet with purple I am thinking the flowers are Lilacs but not quite sure really what they are, but they are purple.

This sheet is so soft and heavier than many of the flannel sheets found in stores today, so I know this one will definitely be the back to a large quilt for our bed.  Hubby has been asking me to make one that is a bit heavier than the one we have on the bed now and this one will match the walls.

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