Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty All Around Us

Wow!  I don't know why, but I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds me in my corner of Washington state. Perhaps it is because I hear so many people complain about the rain, the gray, that it is ugly that sooner or later we sometimes begin to use that stinkin thinkin. 

Water Droplets on Web

However, living where I do that is so far from the real truth.  Take a look at this picture I took on my cell phone getting out of the car yesterday to take care of a friends dog who just had puppies.  Look at how beautiful this spider web is and the fact that it is holding far more water droplets in weight than it weights itself is a miracle and a wonder.  Trust me, I am no fan of spiders, but his web just amazed me.

Then there is the thousands upon thousands of flowers that are blooming in full glory at this time (sadly though, my Rhodies have not) and when I look around there are so many I do not know the names of, but the colors are wonderful. Just look at this brilliant pink flower and how intricate it is made and the rain drops just add to its beauty.

So, when you are feeling down and everyone around you says you live in an area that is dreary or ugly.  Walk around and open your eyes wide, you just might be surprised at what you see!


jennifer robin said...

The northwest of our beautiful country is the most gorgeous area I have ever been in, rain and cloudy skies unckuded. You are lucky to live there!! Although I live in the Chicago area, I would love to try a few years in the Northwest!!

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures! It is difficult to catch those water droplets on a spiderweb.