Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eleven Grands and One Great Grand

My oldest granddaughter is having a baby girl in September, so I have been working on a few things for her like this changing pad and hand embroidered a little baby girl on the outside.

Then I made her a matching baby blanket and am working on machine embroidering a few baby items on the quilt, such as this baby bottle which I free handed using my wonderful Pilot FriXion pen.

Then I made a little ball because all babies like balls. I still have a few other ones drawn out but for the last 3 days this has been quite productive.
Will show the finished product when it is done.  Thursday I am going to pick up some other fabric for burp clothes as her baby shower is in 2 weeks.

Wow!  I feel old. Five children, eleven grandchildren and soon one great grandchild.  I am starting to feel old!

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Sara said...

Very exciting to welcome a new baby to the family! Darling gifts and she will treasure them.