Monday, June 11, 2012

My Son

Talked to my son last night and he is okay with what is happening. For one thing he told me he is almost 30 years old and working minimum wage, busting his hump for $8 and to be treated like garbage.  Maybe it is a blessing in disguise he stated.

He has such an outlook on life that most of us don't.  He has realized they only keep him around because they treat him like a slave and pay him slave wages and he does his utmost best for this company, even cancelling anniversary and birthday plans to help them.

It is sad in a city the size of Phoenix that not one company that he has spoken with will hire a felon.  It is set in stone, you got into trouble, you went  to prison, you did your time and now....for the rest of his life society will continue to punish him.

Apartment complexes say he can't live there, one lady told him they were to close to a school for him to move in.  He tried to explain to her he isn't a sex offender...but you are a felon  and they can't live near a school. People are ignorant to the laws and all society wants to do is punish, punish and punish some more.

He believes in so many ways this is a blessing right now. He may be right. Now they can get their children the medical care they need as well as he and his wife.  Before they made to much money to qualify for state medical assistance, but now that he won't have a job...they will qualify.  Neither one of the companies they work for pay over minimum wage or give benefits.

They will save money in gas for their vehicle because he isn't driving to work everyday so far away.  The will qualify for a food box from the food bank, perhaps food stamps, because when employers close their doors to felons, to the unemployed, they are creating more and more people in need. 

Maybe he is right after all, this is a blessing and he should be Mr. Mom. 

I don't know, but I do agree after months of abuse from the manager, name calling, throwing food all over the kitchen, abusing not only my son but others who work for him and in the kitchen, this man owes  my son and the other workers an apology, not the other way around. 

I believe calling people retards, scum, etc. the manager should be fired. He certainly isn't deserving of an apology.

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