Friday, June 22, 2012

Katherine's Corner Blog Hop

Katherine has a wonderful blog hop she does every week and usually I read the blogs but don't sign up. I don't know why because I really enjoy meeting the wonderful new people. However, this week she is talking about repurposing old jars and we do that here...though I have no pictures at this time.  You can also post your pictures and I had to post this one!  My son sent it to me via cell phone the other day!

I think most of us have pics like this of our children and grandchildren eating spaghetti, falling asleep in their food, they are precious moments we don't want to lose.  So, if you want to hop over or join and see what everyone else is doing, here is the link:

I have pictures of all my children and I think many of my grandchildren covered in spaghetti. Just love that he is looking at the camera as if to say, 'What? Don't you eat like this? You should try it sometime.'

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