Friday, June 22, 2012

My Amazing Husband Goodwill Bargain

Hubby has been out looking for a tent that will hold 2 queen sized air mattresses as I just can't sleep on the ground anymore and while my idea of camping is an RV, the kids are getting older and into camping with their scouting troops so he really wants us to do more camping and fishing....sorry baby, I will take books and a quilting project, no fishing for me!

He didn't like what he saw at WalMart, so he thought we would walk through our new Goodwill store to see what they just might have.  We came home with no tent or camping items, just a brand new sewing table for meand it fits my Singer perfectly and gives me the room I need to quilt without having to pull my sewing table out all the time!
Cost was $14.99 and it was wobbly, so he went to Home Depot got some  hardware, performed his magic, had me sit down to see how high to raise it and I have a solid will not move table that is totally amazing!  It is more amazing because he tells me all the time he doesn't like my quilting.  But I know, secretly, deep down he is very proud of my quilting and charity quilts!

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