Sunday, June 24, 2012

Please Join Our Family In Prayer

As many of you know, our family has struggled living in a toxic home...we only have wood heat which causes me issues with my Fibromyalgia due to ice cold floors (even with rugs I feel the cold), an uninsulated bathroom (lets talk 32 degrees last winter inside the bathroom), no insulation, we have found at several different times the wiring has been burnt and by Gods Grace our home didn't burn down.  The plumbing is old iron and when it needs to be fixed it crumbles, 2 of our neighbors are toxic on their own stealing gas from our vehicles and our gas cans....vicious is very difficult for our family, but we try our best to be happy.

Our driveway is on our street where our address is, there is no other parking on our street. Our neighbor has parking on her street and a driveway and garage but because of a 1930 easement rights, they think they own the driveway and have literally blocked us in several times.

We have been praying and asking others to pray Gods will in our life.  This past week we found a wonderful home to lease and it has become this amazing journey for us to possibly have an owner will carry loan/lease to own.  The home is amazing, full of light, full of a peace that I can't describe, warmth, a fantastic kitchen and a yard the kids could actually play in.

The owner is a Christian as we are and we all clicked.  They need to protect their home and investment and we want to do that for them. On the other hand, we need to be protected as well.  The owner loves the home so much and wants the right people in it. All I know is the 3 grands spread our on the carpet while the adults were talking and read their books they had brought with them.  I have never seen them so peaceful and quiet and NOT bothering each other.  I was amazed.  I mean, they are great children, but yesterday it was as if, they just felt at home.

My husband really wants this home, he would have a yard again to take care of, a place to plant a garden, a garage to putter in and me?  Oh my!  I would have an amazing kitchen and be very happy to be cooking again. 

The owner feels we are the family for the home, we feel that way as well, but their are some windows that need closing so the door can be opened wide.
1- The home is on the market to sell and the owners do not want to cancel the contract (I am sure there is probably a huge fee to pay for cancellation) Hubby and I do not feel comfortable moving into a home with a realty contract on is so heavy on my mind, I was fretting all day.
2- The price has to be right for both parties.  They have to get the money they are asking and needing and we must have a payment we can afford.  It has to be both ways, comfortable for both sides and as she told us yesterday, they want to ensure we are there for a very long time and comfortable.
3-We will need to come up with some out of pocket expenses and need to make sure it is within our means as well.

God has blessed our family so much. This year as in years past, the girls sold Girl Scout cookies and were blessed with camp scholarships.  I have sold 2 of my quilts in the past week....I have had several interviews these past few weeks which is more than in the past, so I am hopeful God is working in our life.

I am asking each of you to pray as you feel led and ask that Gods will be done and not mine and that if this is to be and in Gods will things will happen so supernaturally that I will know clear as a bell it is where God wants us to be. 

This house has such peace around it that I can't wait to have a yard sale and declutter so when I move in the house will just be open and flow.

Thank you all for your unending support and prayers!


bettyp said...

Praying for God Will !!!

Anonymous said...

Storming the gates of heaven on your behalf- please know you are deserving of good things and peace of mind and heart.

Dogmom Diva said...

Jean, I will keep you and your family in prayer..I would be careful about moving into the new home until they have removed it for sale..but other than that it sounds wonderful..keeping my fingers crossed..the right thing will happen..its not up to us, but Gods will..sounds like things are doing better for you..


Dogmom Diva said...

Jean, I will keep your family in my prayers and good sounds like a wonderful home...I would just be careful not to move in there until the house is no longer up for sale for your own peace of mind. I know all too well how hard it is to move, especially with our health issues and age..don't want to have to do that twice..hang in there, sounds like things are getting a bit better..