Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Does SHRM Say?

You know it is sad when employers in our country feel they must do and listen to what others advise them to do or suggest them to do and by doing so, they lose all concept of common sense, courtesy and respect. I do not know what the Society of Human Resource Management says about things because my Masters in HR isn't enough to get me in, one must PAY to join and being unemployed at this time, I cannot afford $180 for a membership. I do give SHRM credit because if you are a member and lose your job, they will grant you a free membership when your renewal comes due, so kudos to them for recognizing a need to help others in their field.

They also do a great job of keeping HR professionals on top of legislative changes and many other things that pertain to Human Resources and the field of employment hiring.  It is ever evolving and I see a huge need for their certification program so you understand the job you are performing.

But I am curious as to what their position is when someone applies for a position, is called to completed the application, background packet, interviewed and then dead air? I think it is rude and shows disrespect for someone who:
  1. Took the time to apply
  2. Took the time to complete a separate background and application
  3. Had an interview
  4. Sent a thank you
Then, nothing happens.  Personally to me it shows the HR person or hiring manager  is arrogant. They have the job, you don't, they owe you nothing. 

I don't expect a rejection letter or even Email when I apply to a company and I am not chosen for the position, that would be silly.  If they aren't interested in me, they don't need to send me anything, but some companies still send out a computer rejection letter via Email.

I am talking, you apply for a job, you take the tests, complete their in person application and other requirements, they call you in for an interview and possibly some times a second interview and you wait and wait. A week goes by and then you call to find out if the position has been filled and nothing, no yes it has, no letter, no call.  Finally after 2 to 3 weeks you realize someone else won out and that is OKAY!  I get that!

What I don't get is after a prospective employee has done their homework, taken their time to show you they want the job, understand your company, show up dressed professionally and the EMPLOYER says they will let you know one way or another and you hear nothing back.

Is it wrong to feel if there were 50 or more applicants and you are part of the top 10 to interview and test and you get a call back for a second interview (even if you don't), is it wrong to expect a short letter to thank the applicant for their time and to let them know to keep looking?

I have a file of rejection letters and thats okay. It means I must not give up, I must keep trying, I must update my skills and never give up. I read them, I call back and ask if they will talk to me about the interview (what could I have done to improve, did I shake my leg, did I fidget, etc.) most times they won't talk to me, but if they call me I will usually get a few short blurbs of nothing you did wrong, blah...blah...blah!!

These are the rare and far between, usually I hear nothing. Today I called or local employment office as they had submitted my resume for a position I was very qualified for, I applied, completed a background packet and was told I would be called back and heard nothing...I was told by the agent at the employment office, employers don't send notices or make calls anymore, they don't have to.

I would just be curious if any of you do the hiring? Work in HR directly? Are members of SHRM and what their stance on this would be or if they have one?

I can tell you most of the thank you but no thank you letters I receive are from municipalities such as city and county offices, school districts, non-profits & law enforcement agencies.

Guess I am just old fashioned in my thinking.

On the bright side, I have had 2 interviews recently and have one more next week which is more than I have had since becoming jobless and that at least gives me hope. I do however believe one of those jobs someone else will get because I am not a native, am not related to anyone within that agency or friends with anyone within that agency. It is just the way things roll in our area. But at lease tell me thank you for my time and my gas. 

Who knows with this one small courtesy I may wind up being a customer of yours or purchasing what you sell on the other hand.....we all know what can happen when someone is unhappy about a product.

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