Saturday, July 7, 2012


BOGO = Buy one get one free or buy one get 1/2 off or buy one and follow what the stores requirements are.

Do you BOGO? 

I sure do!  Since moving to Washington state where they do not allow double couponing, I have had to find other ways to save money and being very diligent about watching the sales adds both in our local papers and on line as well as printing on line coupons that in turn give me money back into two different accounts I have, BOGO'ing is the next best thing.

I DO NOT however, BOGO for things I will not or do not use just to say I got a bargain and add it to my pantry. Why waste the money and say its a bargain?

Today, I received notice from Famous Footwear that my Gold Member gift certificate was about to expire and we are talking $20 gone, outta here, out the window, kaput. Now, I don't know about you, but I certainly cannot afford to lose $20, so I went onto their web-site and they are having a H U G E sale right now.

It was BOGO time, B I G time!  I am talking winter boots for women $10 and since all the girls in our home now wear womens sizes, I got us each great winter boots. Well, I got me 2 pair so I got one pair for $10 the other for $5, then the girls and they wanted a $15 pair so one for $15.00 the other for $7.50 and a pair of pink sandals and for the boy in our family a pair of Shaq high top tennis shoes for school.  Cost with shipping? Under $65 for 6 pairs of shoes.

Now, normally one pair of shoes cost $60 so I got a great deal. I also happen to know that FF will be sending me a coupon for my birthday and that will be used towards the girls school shoes, one wants orange and the other pink, so I will once again save money and who knows by then, I may get lucky and find them on sale as well.

I looked for hubby, however he is mandated to wear special boots for his job and has worn the same shoes for over 10 years now, so we order 2 pair at a time and when he isn't in boots, it is slippers all the way for him.

This order also helped me with my college tuition as I went through my UPromise account prior to purchase and earned a percentage towards that as well.  I have also for many years been a member of My Points and each Christmas manage to have just enough money saved up for someone a gift card.

But my question is if you don't live where you can double coupons, do you BOGO?

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