Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Of Her Own

I just wanted to share this quilt with all of you that was sent off to Aurora yesterday with one other. Like all quilts this one is very much appreciated and the quilter stepped up and put it together in Godspeed time.

What makes this one special is that the person who quilted this is a first responder working for another department on the night shift.  

The quilter is an emergency dispatcher in a large city, she understands the demands of the job and the hurt they are going through and like many dispatchers, she does it because she loves the job.  

I am not at liberty to say where she works as both her and her husband are in the field, he as an officer.  This makes the job that more important and worrisome at the same time.  She wrote me immediately and said I want to help, I want to send something to the dispatchers in Aurora and she has come through not once, not twice, but she is working on an amazing quilt I can't wait to see.

I know, you are probably all tired of this, but remember it could have been your town.  It could have been your theatre, an earthquake, tornado or any other thing.  Think about how you would want the world to respond to your hurts.

Open your eyes, there was a man arrested yesterday who was going to go into his employer and open fire.  Our world is changing, but if we can reach out in kindness, caring and with a quilt, afghan we made and say we care, do you not think we won't make these lives a bit brighter?

This week, there have been funerals for the dead, for the heroes that shielded their loved ones, each time I see one, I say a prayer and it makes me want to push harder to get these quilts done.  This week I had a complete stranger send me a check for $100 to be used for postage if someone couldn't afford it and she closed with God Bless the USA.

But this isn't just the USA. I have reached out to quilters in New Zealand, Australia the UK. I have sat at my computer for hours reaching out to quilt guilds and asking for their assistance. Today, I am in transit to pick up my granddaughter and on the way I will pass a few yarn shops and a quilt shop where I will drop fliers off. I mailed fliers to quilt shops in Washington I can't reach.

I see all the beautiful projects everyone is working on, I see all the hard work and long hours and that is why I reach out to quilters, people who receive a quilt or afghan know someone cares because they took the time to give away all that hard work.

I also know many of you just can't part with your quilts, they sit stacked up and nicely wrapped in a closet somewhere not to be touched, not to be used, but to be admired.  I know because I have read the many stories and heard personally that you make them, but could never part with them.

That is okay, I won't ask you to, but I am asking that you share my FB site and blog with those that follow you, other quilters, knitters, crocheters, quilt shops, fabric shops, churches, quilt guilds.  I am only one person, I can't do this on my own, it takes others stepping up and saying, I will get the word out.

That is all I am asking if you can't contribute, please get the word out.

If you want to help but don't quilt, I am taking donations to help others with postage. Contact me via Email!

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